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Retirement Plan Consulting

Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting

The increase in normal retirement age for social security and the reduction in pension plan benefits create a daunting challenge for employees to place income at retirement.

For too long, the common threads between most 401K plans have been a lack of participation, a lack of investment options and a lack of education. The “asset gathering” brokerage firms set up plans with as little effort and quality as possible and then move on to the next company.

Delta Capital Management understands this challenge and provides our clients the services and expertise needed to help their employees reach their retirement goals. Our proprietary 401K plan offers the highest quality investment options to choose from including a myriad of sector funds and, in some cases, the ability to buy individual stocks.

While a successful plan is more than just the investments, Delta Capital Management is unique in that it provides a proven portfolio management process that helps plan participants optimize their retirement savings. The best part, Delta Capital Management can take the burden off the participants, and thus the Fiduciary, by providing full investment management services to the participant accounts. That’s correct; we can make the decisions for you.

Whether you offer your employees a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan, Delta Capital Management provides an independent approach to analyzing your needs and providing the plan, investment policies and compliance practices needed to have a worry free solution.

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