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Charles Smith Jr.

Founder & President

Charles Smith, Jr. is the Founder & President of Delta Advisory Group, Inc.

Chris Truesdell

Partner/Senior Plan Consultant

Chris E. Truesdell is a Senior Vice President and Senior Plan Consultant for Delta Capital Management and has more than 12 years of industry experience.

Anthony DeLuca

Senior Financial Advisor

Anthony DeLuca is a Certified Financial Planner Professional and Partner with Delta Advisory Group, Inc.

Don Nestor

Senior Financial Planner

Donald C. Nestor is the Senior Financial Planner for Delta Advisory Group, Inc. 

Roy Miranda

Senior Plan Consultant

Roy F. Miranda is the Senior Plan Consultant for Delta Capital Management specializing in the fiduciary aspects of the corporate retirement plan marketplace.

Kelly Cruz

Client Relations Manager

Client Relationships Manager

Alexander Petsos

Portfolio Manager

Alex has managed accounts for a variety of individuals and businesses across the United States. Alex works closely with clients to manage their investment accounts, strategies, and portfolio risk.

Megan Johnson

Chief Compliance Officer

Megan is the Chief Compliance Officer for Delta Advisory Group, Inc.

Lisa Ianacone

Client Services Specialist

Lisa Ianacone is the Client Services Specialist for Delta Advisory Group, Inc.

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